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Welcome to my first attempt at writing a knitting blog. Ok, so it isn't just a knitting blog. I'd like to share many of my hobbies, including: knitting, crochet, painting, gardening, and what ever else I'm focused on at the moment. I can hear almost every teacher I've had, telling me to focus on one thing to write about. Well, in this case I can't. I have so many interests that I'd have to keep up several blogs to share everything, and who really has the time or energy for that? Besides, I figure that there must be several others out there who have the same interests as me and will find these topics palatable if not interesting.

So, who am I? I'm a guy living in the Chicago suburbs with my partner and a dog and a cat. I'm an interior decorator running my own company. My grandmother taught me the basics of knitting and crocheting (gardening, cross-stitch, etc.) when I was very young. Recently, about 6 weeks ago, I began to crochet again. This lead to knitting, which I've only been doing for about a month. I'm working on several projects, I've completed a few and will share in future posts.

I've been reading several knitting blogs and I am very excited to join the blogging community. If you somehow end up here, reading my blog, please let yourself be known. I'd love feedback and some interesting conversation.

Until then, stitch on!

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sko_G knits said...

welcome to the blogosphere! i am looking forward to seeing your blog develop, and hopefully you'll let us in to see some of your interiors work as well! AND...so exciting to see you start your blog on my birthday! that has to be a good sign....HA~!