the painted iris

I've started a simple lace mohair scarf for my mother for Christmas. I did a few test swatches and settled on a garter stitch border of 4 rows by 3 stitches at each side. I chose a colorway of Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino called 'Painted Iris' to use. I love the name, and a beautiful yarn to match! It brings about romanticism of the iris works of VanGogh and Monet.

My only criticism of the project is that my aluminum needles are too slippery for the mohair, so I really have to stay alert. This may take a few weeks to complete as I currently have an attention span of only one repeat. I'm OK with that, I have until Christmas.


dustin said...

I know about slippery yarn and aluminum needles. I love aluminum, my faves are addi turbos, BUT....check out the Susan Bates Quick Silvers. These are metal needles but they have a paint finish with a fine tooth to it. It holds the yarn nicely but not too much.

rick said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I look into that. I also thought that maybe bamboo needles would be better. But, with mohair I don't want too much of a grab either.

astrid said...

Love the colour! I don't know if you are a ravelry member, but if you are: would you be so kind to add your project to my pattern?