not-so-rugged finish

I finished my Not-So-Rugged scarf. I love it! It really is a great manly way to wear mohair. It adds a touch of class to the cool weather ensemble :)
I knit the scarf on size 8 needles using Louisa Harding Cinnabar and Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino 'Espresso'. I noticed as I was nearing the end that the mohair was running low. I stopped at 31 rows in the middle section where there was to be 36, and I ran out at 5 rows in the top border where there was to be 6. In the future, I would knit 30 rows in the middle and 6 on the top edge, to match the bottom. I would also choose a different cast on technique as I wasn't happy with the long tail cast-on once I had cas
t off. The cast on was much tighter and created an overall funnel effect. However, when worn this isn't noticeable.
I will definitely make more of these. It's a very easy pattern (all done in stockinette) yet creates a beautifully elegant mohair fabric. These scarfs
will make great gifts!

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