dashing all the way

Well, I finally finished the "Dashing" mittens for Dan. The second one looks much better after I ripped back and knitted tighter.

I also finished the OneSkein scarf for my brother's fiance. This was a super quick project, I started it one evening and finished it the next morning! I used the same Patons Merino "Leaf Green" from my brother's aviator hat and discovered it was the exact same yarn used in the pattern. I generally like to spice it up a bit, however, it looks great and they coordinate.
I've also started a "Tiramisu" baby blanket for my new baby cousin. This seems to be going well, I've worked on it for a couple of days and I'm over half-way finished. I love the stitch pattern in this, it's a simple single crochet but looks gorgeous.
And finally I've restarted my Koolhaas hat. My problem wasn't the "ktbl", but the pattern. I was reading one thing and doing another. So now my hands and brain are on the same page and it's looking good.


sko_G knits said...

wow. dashing looks gorgeous, what yarn did you use?

i might have to knit up a pair...to go with my koolhaas had and the scarf i am intending on making.

Larry said...

Merry Christmas, Rick! The gloves and scarf are fabulous.