crochet placemats

My latest crochet project is a set of placemats inspired by a bedspread pattern on the Antique Pattern Library website. I've been working on this for several weeks, doing picking it up only occasionally. I've almost completed one placemat. In order to get the size I wanted I had to change the size and quantity of the crochet stitches. My original idea was to make a contemporary, solid border around the flower motif. However, now that I have a few flowers joined, I'm thinking that I will just make more and leave the edges unfinished and organic. While I love this pattern, I certainly don't live in a "doily" house, so whatever I decide it has to have a modern twist to it.

My sweater has really been coming along. I've attached the sleeves and I'm decreasing my way to the neck. I can barely put it down. I seem to want to go faster in the final stretch!

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Temperance said...

I admire your mad crochet skills :) I will admit I think I am jealous.